Project Partners


Vilnius Gabriele Petkevicaite – Bite Adult Education Centre (Bite AEC) was founded in 1994 by the model
of the Danish FYN‘S County schools. The motto of Education Centre is as follows: “It is never too late to
learn”. The Education Centre is for adults who seek new skills and knowledge required for professional
career and life. The Education Centre provides formal learning services (primary and basic) and non –
formal learning services (subject – specific modular knowledge for adults of Vilnius and the surrounding
areas). In our Centre this year there are about 600 hundred students.

NGO Motivation Technologies were established with the aim to find ways, methods and technologies
how to motivate persons who are involved in adult education and leadership processes.
NGO unites members who are with great experience in different levels of adult education and leadership,
like, adult evening schools.
Association believes that motivation is the base of all processes in society. If person does not have
motivation, all performed activities by this person will be non-quality and superficially.

Campus Västervik is an effort to meet the needs of education and skills available now and in the future in
the Västervik region. Campus Västervik is giving to person the right to reach higher education leading to
NPAD-2015/10076 Page 12 (17) Submitted – 19-Feb-2015
employment or entrepreneurship. Campus Västervik has an important function that clearly facilitates the
development of skills that are needed to strengthen and increase employment and growth in Västervik.
Campus Västervik has approximately 500 adult students and offers a wide range of courses and degree
programmes at a higher level. Number of students and education is steadily increasing. In addition to
courses offer Campus Västervik a venue for meetings and conferences, help with validation, support for
remote meetings, guidance and counseling.

Equality Centre / Jafnréttishús is a private NGO founded in April 2008 in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. Equality
centre mission is to overcome any obstacles in the society that would slow down the integration process
of immigrants in Iceland. Centre emphasizes the importance of dialog between different cultures as the
first step in the integration process. Adult education is one of significant activities provided by center.

Rønningen Folk High School is a boarding school in the Nordic Folk High School tradition. This
school is only for adults. The minimum ages to enter in this school – person should be 18 years old.
Students come from all over Norway and many other parts of the world, creating a unique multi-cultural
environment. Rønningen Folk High
School was founded in 1969, and is owned and run by the Norwegian YMCA.