2.3. Vision of Career

Where do I see myself in the future?

The aim of the topic – to give vision of personal career.career 3



  1. Career Tree – with the help of Career Guidant clients draws his own career tree to make visualisation of his/her career plan.
  2. My Business Card – client draws his own Business Cards – Me Today and Me in the Future (or in 5 years).
  3. Lecture regarding role of visions, dreams, goals – to find common and differences between them.
  4. Analyses of previous career and professional experience.
  5. Career planning
  6. Adding of all the materials to Clients portfolio


  • – Karjeras izglītība, Skolotāja grāmata (7.-9. Klasei), working sheets No.5. and No.6. Work sheets should be adapted for adults.



  1. Lecture regarding role of visions, dreams and goals (career counsellor).
  2. Determining personal needs and practical work values.
  3. Setting vision of the future, tests that help to know oneself and plan occupational future (The Method „Predominant Occupational Interests. The Holland‘s Questionnaire “, „California Questionnaire “)


1.Practical activities for career councellors:

2.How to set career goals and improve the life. Creating a learning and career development plan.

The career planning process:



  1. Where am I in 5 years?
  2. Career planning with the help of the career counsellors



Methods:SwedenCoaching, group. How to set goals,  what obstacles are there

-Brainstorm, group exercise, help each other to find ways to reach the goal,

-Individual plans

-Meeting with client and career guide. What´s my first step towards my goal, what to do right now at the moment and where am I in 5 year’s time.

-Visualising future life.

YouTube film regarding goal orientation and career planning.

-Add all material to the participants portfolio, complete it.

-Meeting 3 parts, administrator at job center / social service / participant/ Career guide. Decision what to do according to plan.

– Follow up after 1 month since the Group Guidance sessions have finished. Additional planning if needed or requested for.



  • Discussions and guidance in upper secondary school.
  • Education and career plan through guidance at NAV
  • Lecture regarding role of visions, dreams, goals – to find common and differences between them.
  • Maling a complete CV and portifolio  togehter with personal guidance