2.4. The role of the stereotypes during the process of choosing of career

How can stereotypes influence a career choosing process?

The aim – awareness how stereotypes can influent process of WomanFactory1940schoosing of career.



  1. Activity – Career Guidant gives 10 popular professions and asks clients within 10 seconds to mention/write down the most common stereotypes regarding those professions. Afterwards – discussion how those stereotypes could influent a person to choose one of those professions.
  2. Activity Collage- Client receives list of professions and should find appropriate pictures, photos in magazines regarding those professions. Afterwards fallows discussion regarding the collage
  3. Video


4. Discussion regarding the role of stereotypes in the process of career development.

Resources :



  1. Practical individual and group tasks concerning the impact of social environment and social roles on career decisions.
  2. Most commonly used stereotypes and ways to overcome them.
  3. Identify strenghts and areas requiring improvement.
  4. Autobiography and self-characterization.
  5. The Big Five Personality Test.
  6. Analyses of the videos



Methods :

  1. Interviews with immigrant students in the icelandic courses
  2. Making discussion about the career proffessions, excpessing there needs and priorets