Methodological Material


The Methodological Material  Career Guidance in Adult Education

The reality is that career guidance is more focused on youth not adults. The Nordplus Adult 2015 project Career Guidance in Adult Education, financed by The Nordic Council of Ministers (project No NPAD-2015/10076), was developed to make this career development journey for adults more structured and based on their real needs. During the project there was held an extensive study to face the reality of career guidance in the project countries and there was developed a career guidance programme on the bases of this research.

Chapter I gives an insight regarding the career guidance system in the project countries – Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. In this chapter, you can find the basic information about the legal framework of career guidance, institutions which are responsible for career guidance in the project countries and a list of universities where you can find study programmes for career counsellors.

Chapter II includes the research results. It consists of information how the research was held, which methods were used, and gives an insight regarding the research results and conclusions. 200 adults, 151 career counsellors (people who provide career guidance) and 38 employers participated in the research. This chapter can help the career counsellors to understand the real needs of clients and expectation of potential employers.

Chapter III gives information regarding topics which are important for adults during the process of career guidance. The selection of topics was based on the research and piloting results of the programme. The final version of the programme includes not only the topics but also available/suggested links and a list of literature for career counsellors.

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